PFAS Water Contamination Sydney and Wreck Bay Community

I am writing today to highlight the latest serious threat to our water sources.

PFAS Fire Fighting Foam

PFAS the fire fighting foam ! This is something you would have heard about in Williamstowns Port Stephens with locals being poisoned by chemicals from this PFAS foam in their drinking water and ground water contaminating the things they grew and ate.

Well now not surprisingly we are hearing a lot more about this widely used toxic foam and the effects it is having poising the environment and the people that live in these areas. Check the map above to see areas under current invistigation.

One area heavily effect is the the Wreck Bay Community.

This indigenous community profoundly effected by the stolen generation and now it seem they have been positioned by the government doing training exercises in the near by bases or years..

This is a disgrace and particularly as they knew it was a toxic problem long before they came out and warned people. It effects the Community in Wreck Bay dramatically as it is say to have contaminated their water source, and their traditional fishing grounds in the marine reserve. Please click the images for more information.

Where is next? Look above at the map and see areas under investigation, and these are areas we know at this moment.

This in not an isolated incident it is not located in one location it is far spread and effecting loads of home and people in Australia!

While I sell water filters and this could be seen as care mongering, this is a serious matter than has been covered up for years. I personally and concerned about the Sydney Basin, and the quality of water we are consuming in light of recent hi-level lead warnings, hi-levels of chloride in the water it is all painting a disturbing picture of the water quality we are putting in our bodies.

I personally would not consider drinking unfiltered water given this news.

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