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Larry Tofler

Hiking the Himalayas of Nepal 2008


I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and over the past 9 yrs I have been travelling the world; walking, cycling, and sailing. I love exploring new countries and cultures and meeting local people. Everywhere I have been I have found that people are concerned with their Water Quality! It became evident that this was a key concern shared everywhere I have visited from Spain to Peru, America to Australia. Water is the building block of all life and yet we take it's quality for granted.

This realisation has led me to my new path- helping people secure their own pure water sources.

We assume that the water that comes from the tap is pure and clean but we are now realising that this is unfortunately not the case. There have been high profile cases in the US and Australia where the water supply has been found to be poisonous, and unfortunately this is only discovered when it becomes too late and people suffer as a consequence. Globally, led piping, chlorine, fluoride treatments and ageing water deliver systems are degrading our water supply and are all contributing to affects in our health and quality of life.

After months of reading and researching I purchased the best gravity fed water purification system I could find, a Berkey Water Purification Systems. They are the only gravity fed water units that can be called purifiers because they are so effective!

I am now proud to be a Berkey distributor connecting people with a way of securing a quality water source and gaining control over life's most important commodity, PureWater4Life! 

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