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So Why Filter our Water?

Given we are largely comprised of water and bearing in mind the many essential functions water plays in our bodies, it becomes obvious that the quality of the water we consume is of immense importance as impurities in the water are absorbed into our bodies.  

 The Sydney and Australian water supply can be contaminated in 3 ways


1. Contaminates picked up during the water catchment process

In Australia, our water is primarily provided by rainwater that has been caught in various dams around the country. In times of water shortage, this supply is supplemented with water from desalination and recycling plants.


Before rainwater water reaches our dams it can often become contaminated by animals. Bodies, droppings, insects, toxic blue-green algae, bacteria, viruses chemicals and so on.


2. Intentional  Contamination during the 'purification process'

Consequently, the government adds chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine to sanitize our water, at this time controversially fluoride is also added.

The quantity and type of chemicals added in this process can be hard to pin down because it can depend on the amount of contamination in the source water and the individual treatment plant.

Simply Google ‘fluoride side effects’ and you will see for yourself.

3. Contamination absorbed from the delivery System

The water's journey from the catchment to your home is via hundreds of kilometers of aged aqueducts, tunnels, and pipes constructed from various materials such as concrete, iron, steel, and copper. Plastics and metals are absorbed into the water on the way due to the softness of the water. Thus the water quality steadily deteriorates in transit to your tap.

 Parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium; chemicals like chlorine, THM's and fluoride, metals such as copper, asbestos fibers and lead (picked up from corroding pipes and plumbing) can all pose considerable health threats and may be present in your unfiltered drinking water.

4. PFAS Fire Fighting Foam

Each year more and more cases are uncovered, from Williams town new Newcastle to the Wreck Bay Community of Jervis Bay. People were not alerted to the dangers until they suffered years of exposure. There are now many areas being tested for the presence of this chemical and many more that should be.

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Given this information, the question is:

Why would you NOT filter your water?

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