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Pure Water ON-THE-GO

Protect, Purify and Secure

Pure quality of your water wherever your Journey takes you!

Sports Berkey is a great solution for when your out and about, its a drink bottle with an inbuilt mini Black Berkey Element so you can ensure the quality of water from nearly any source.

This Wicked Sports Berkey Bottle has been on my website for 12 month now, and this week we took it for a test drive in the Blue Mountains Sydney!

We were never too far from water on the hot summers day and thanks to the powerful built in Mini Black Berkey Element all those wonderful water sources were instantly made safe to drink!

Safe Water Everywhere

Hiking into the Grand Canyon Blue Mountains was Epic with no need to carry extra water with us we just topped our bottle up as we pass though the many ponds and streams flowing into the Canyon!

Sports Berkey Drink Bottle From

Check out more information about he Sports Berkey and other Great Berkey Products on our website.

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