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Yass Water Crisis

Water wows continue around Australia with Yass being the next town in the news with less than ideal water quality

Council officials telling locals that the orange or brown water they see coming from their taps is safe to drink. I would personally question that information.

This also opens the questions about the independent nature of those who monitor out water quality.

  • Do we have adequate and genuinely independent water testing in Australia.

  • What mechanisms are in place to ensure these test results are published to the public so they know what happening?

  • What consequences are there for councils or official bodies who cover-up or talk down real issues with water quality?

Water Quality is something in Australia we largely take for granted. Unlike places like Indonesia where you need to be very carful Australia by and large has clean water for consumption by global standards. However more and more cases are popping up in Australia where bad faith actors and people with vested interests are not being as forthright with honest water testing with the community. One such case was brought to the publics attention by the ABC article below.

Dirty water issues in Yass
ABC Yass Water Crisis Article

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