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Who's Watching Our Water in Sydney?

Found this Article from The Sydney Morning Herald on FEBRUARY 22 2016

While we are concerned about our water quality and who's insuring this quality, "Five of the six top scientists in charge of monitoring the health of Sydney's water have had their positions axed as part of state government cuts experts warn will compromise the safety of drinking water."

Seems crazy no? Click the image to read the original article.

This is particularly concerning when you consider the finding from the US government euquiry found that many of the water problems in the States is due to there being a lock of reporting and policing of water quality. Who's going to report if you sack all the senior scientists??? Perhaps that the whole point!

Look at this exert from the article! Alarming No!

How bad is can get if Australia doesn't take action to ensure our drinking water quality regulations are more robust and independent
US Water Crisis

With the State and Federal Governments desire to privatise and streamline essential services this could well be the future of Australian water if we don't get active and demand monitoring and accountability of this essential resource!

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