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NEW Filteroo Max Fluoride Reduction Cartridges

  • This second stage Fluoride Reduction Cartridge relaces the previous BPA free plastic model to reduce flouride by 95% in refillable stainless-steel vessel.
  • Reduces plastic waste and plastic components coming in contact with the drinking water in the lower chamber.
  • Cartridges are refillable. Replacement media sachets come as a pair and need changing every 2000 litres (per filter 4000 for the pair) 6 months (single) or 12 months (pair) months whichever comes first.
  • Can be purchased as single or a pair to suit your unit. 1 post filter is needed for each filter in the upper chamber.


Filteroo® MAX Fluoride Reduction Cartridge.

Working as a post filter with the Filteroo® 8” Rain & City Water Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter (see photo above) these cartridges built from 304-grade stainless-steel with Activated Alumina, remove over 95% fluoride providing a pure, safe, and sustainable water solution.


Media Refill System: Unlike disposable alternative cartridges, the Filteroo® MAX Fluoride Reduction Cartridge stands out with a refillable design. Simply replace the media sachets every 2000 litres (single) or 4000 litres (pair) or 6 (single) - 12 (pair) months whichever comes first.


Standard size threadThe Filteroo® MAX Fluoride Reduction cartridge easily connects to a variety of gravity water filter cartridges, allowing for a high level of compatibility. Suitable to fit onto any gravity water filtration cartridge with a 12.5mm thread including Filteroo, Phoenix, Rama & Doulton.


Trusted SupplierFilteroo® Australia is a trusted name within the water filtration industry. Supplying world-class products to the world, ensuring customers enjoy the quality of water they deserve.



  • Position the washer atop the POSTreat.

  • Prime the POSTreat for optimal functionality.

  • Effortlessly install POSTreat Steel into the upper chamber.

  • Complete the setup by seamlessly installing the second POSTreat.

  • Securely place the fitted water filter.


  • Test Result

    95% fluoride removal rate, filtering volumes of up to 2000 litres (single).

    Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 13 cm

  • Item Weight: 475 Grams

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel


*This unit is NOT compatable with Black Berkey Elements due to a different thead size.

Filteroo® MAX Fluoride Reduction Cartridge

GST Included

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