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Berkey Kitchen Tap Filling System

At PureWater4Life our customers have been asking us for an easy solution to filling the larger units on their countertops.

So here it is, a clip-on system that can be attached to most kitchen sinks. The connection remains in place and the quick release peg allows you to quickly join on your hose when your Berkey System needs refilling. Check out the How to install Video.



  • Pope,12mm Indoor Tap Adaptor
  • Fits both male and female threaded taps.
  • Suitable for taps with M22 x 1 female and M24 x 1 male thread
  • Chrome finish to leave connected to a tap
  • 2 metres of food-safe hosing
  • 12mm hose connector with STOP valve so the water wont poor out when you disconnect it.


Great accessory to make the task of filling Berkey of all sizes a breeze.


Berkey Kitchen Tap Filling System

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GST Included
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