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Filteroo® 8” Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Removal Cartridge Bundle

  • Berkey Compatible Filters
  • Tasty chlorine-fluoride free water
  • Setup & use anywhere
  • Full warranty
  • No more plastic in the lower chamber.
  • Cost effective refils available


Cartridge Information

This cartridge pack is made up of 2 x replacement cartridges.

  • 2 x Filteroo® 8” Rain & City Water Gravity Carbon Block Filter Cartridges. 
  • 2 x NEW Stainless Refillable Filteroo Max Fluoride Reduction Cartridges


Filtrarion Stages.

    1. To start the process water filters down through the Filteroo® fast flowing carbon block cartridge. The carbon media used will greatly reduce herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, taste & odour from the water.

    2. Next as the water passes through the first carbon filtration stage it exits & flows into the fluoride removal cartridge.


    In the fluoride cartridge fluoride, arsenic, lead & heavy metal ions are removed by bonding to the filter media.


    3. The water continues on its journey through the fluoride removal cartridge which also has granular activated carbon in the bottom of the cartridge. Carbon is a fantastic way to clean & polish up water so it tastes the best it can. The carbon inside this cartridge does just that, after the fluoride filtration the last carbon polishes up the water so you get sweet lovely tasty water every time.


    The result for these 3 stages is clean and tasty drinking water for your home. Carbon is internationally recognized by institutions that provide quality assurance on safe and pure drinking water. 


    Filteroo 8" Black Carbon Filter Product Specifications

    • The carbon cartridge is 200mm (8”) in height & 60mm in diameter.
    • The cartridge threaded stem that holds the cartridge into place is 12.5mm in diameter and 34mm in length
    • The cartridge threaded stem length with the washer on is 30mm
    • Weight is approximately 360g - 390g
    • Life Span: 2000 litres or 12 months whichever comes first

    Test Results

    Results for 1 cartridge, values can be doubled for 2 cartridges

    Contaminant RemovalPerformanceCapacity in Litres*
    Chlorine 99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge2000L
    Chloramine 99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge1700L
    Lead pH6.5 @150ppb (NSF53)
    99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge1500L
    Bacteria 99.99%  for the life of the cartridge1500L
    Cyst99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge2000L


    Filteroo® Max Fluoride Removal Gravity Water Filter Cartridge Pack

    Test Results

    • Removes fluoride up to 95%
    • Arsenic
    • Some heavy metals
    • Polishes up water to be tasty




    Each Filteroo® MAX fluoride removal cartridge lasts for 2000 litres. So if you have 2 x cartridges installed into your Filteroo® Steel gravity water filter you have 4000 litres of use. 2 cartridges will provide 10 plus litres every day of the year. We recommend you replace each cartridge after 2000 litres or every 12 months which ever comes first.

    Filteroo® 8” Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Removal Bundle

    GST Included

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