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Travel Berkey

The Travel Berkey Water Filter is one of the most compact and possibly the most versitile of the Berkey range.

Built for 1-2 people and perfect for 4WD, Van Life or camping trips, unexpected emergencies or just a more compact unit for daily use - The Travel Berkey has you covered. It uses two Black Berkey Elements to purify water in minutes, ensuring your water quality no matter where you are.


Travel Berkey Specifications:

  • 5.7 Litre clean water storage capacity
  • 45.7cm High
  • 19cm Diameter
  • Made with high quality AISI 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Equivalent micron rating of 0.02 or better (Black Berkey Elements)


The included Black Berkey Elements are so effective, they meet the purfication class and their third party test results speak for themselves.


The real power of these units is thier ability to filter out the bad but retain the minerals our bodies need.


This unit can be packed down to make travelling and storage easier. I have one in my campervan and love the security it provides.



  • Filters up to 10.4 litres per hour with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements
  • Completely off-grid operation, no electricity or plumbing required
  • Lightweight & easy to move and transport.
  • Use it on the kitchen bench, take it camping or fit it in you campervan.
  • One pair of Long Lasting Black Berkey Purification Elements will filter your water for years


Berkey Purification Elements:

  • Remove bad odours and taste
  • Removes detergents and solvents
  • Removes viruses to greater than 99.999%
  • Removes parasites to greater than 99.999%
  • Exceeds Purification Standard (Log 4): MS2 Coliphage - Fr Coliphage
  • Exceeds Purification Standard (Log 6): Raoultella terrigena
  • TRIHALOMETHANES - Removed to >99.8% (Below Lab Detectable Limits): Bromodichloromethane - Bromoform - Chloroform - Dibromochloromethane
  • Removes inorganic minerals
  • Removes heavy metals including chromium, lead, arsenic and aluminium
  • Removes cloudiness, silt and sediment. You can filter creek, river and dam water safely
  • Removes hormones, pharmecuticals, petrol, alpha & beta radiologicals and uranium
  • Removes herbicides and pesticides including Glycophosphates (ie Round-up)
  • Removes PFOA & PFOS

For more information on berkey Click, Why Choose Berkey for more info and test results.


Travel Berkey 5.7L

GST Included
Out of Stock
  • Travel Berkey


    • Travel Berkey 5.7L Stainless Steel Unit
    • 2 Black Berkey Purfication Elements
    • Standard Spigot (tap)
    • Priming Instructions


    This unit can be used with 1 filter and keep the other one in reserve for a single person application.


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