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These Sprite® Showers filter cartridges contain a patented Chlorgon (non-carbon media) to remove chlorine at a wider temperature range than ever before. This specialised filtration media removes or reduces potentially harmful contaminants from your shower water, including: chlorine, iron oxide, dirt, sediment and odour.

Chlorine is universally used to disinfect water, by killing bacteria and micro-organisms. However, once it reaches your home it can negatively affect your family’s personal appearance, comfort and even long term health.

Removes chlorine, dirt, iron oxide, odours, scale and sediment.

  • Model: HHC Hand-held Filter Cartridge
  • Manufactured in USA by Sprite® Showers
  • Compatible within the Sprite Filtered Shower Handles, Hose Filter and Filtered Extensions

*Replacement of this cartridge is recommended approximately every 12 months, dependent on usage and the water quality.

Sprite Hand Held Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

GST Included

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