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ProOne Traveler 8.5L Gravity Water Filter

Secure Your Water Today with  a ProOne System

Includes Option of 

  • 1 x 5" Pro One G2.0 Filter's 6 Months or 3406 Litres
  • 2 x 7" Pro One G2.0  Filter's up to 12-18 months 7570 Litres of Water.

System Key Feature and Inclusions;


*These filters have been test and remove PFAS from your water.

  • Recommended for 1-3 persons
  • 8.5 Litres capacity ready to drink
  • Pro One G2.0 does not require priming 
  • Most economical "All-In-One" contaminants & fluoride filter element
  • Includes Stainless stand and Stainless Tap at no extra cost!
  • Height: 52cm 
  • Diameter: 21cm 
  • Made from high quality 304 polished stainless steel 
  • Silver infused to help prevent growth of bacteria
  • Leaves good minerals, including calcium, in water
  • Nut and Alumina Free
  • Replacement for 1 x ProOne G2.0 5” filter element 6 months 
  • Replacement for 2 x 7" ProOne G2.0 5” filter element annually


Tested to remove/reduce:

The silver-infused ceramic filter helps prevent bacteria growth and captures unwanted sediment. Chlorine taste and odor don’t stand a chance against a carbon-based core designed for contaminant reduction. 


The Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter is NSF ANSI 42 component certified, independently lab tested and proven to reduce/remove 200+ contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, lead and heavy metals, while leaving  beneficial minerals in the water supply.

These include;

  • Fluoride (96.3%)
  • Chlorine & other chemicals
  • Giardia & other bacterias
  • Lead, Aluminium, Copper & other heavy metals
  • Microplastics
  • Blue-Green Algae
  • Click here for full ProOne® Lab Test Results


The ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter is built from 304 stainless steel for long lasting durability, and includes a stainless 304 spigot and knob kit. It is ideal for daily use at home or the office while being compact enought to accompany you on a camping trip.


This unique countertop system filters large quantities of water without modifying plumbing, and works independently of mains pressure using insead the pressure of gravity along with the filter to remove contaminants from water, this makes them ideal for everyday but particulary suitable for periods of black outs, disaster or emergencies. 


ProOne Traveler + 8.5L Polished

$499.95 Regular Price
$485.00Sale Price
GST Included

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