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Filteroo® 8” Rain & City Water Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter Cartridge


Quality water filtration with the minerals Retained


This Filteroo® rain & city water carbon block gravity water filtration cartridge is made from the highest quality carbon. It combines mechanical filtration and physical adsorption processes to reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of both aesthetic and health concerns. While designed for the Filteroo systems this carbon block cartridges compatable with any gravity water filter and will fit popular bands like Berkey and ProOne filter Systems.


This cartridge has a smooth outer shell compressed to repel any sediments, cysts, bugs or bacteria. The pore structure of the carbon enables sufficient contact time for this cartridge to be ideally suited to improving taste and odour.

You will be battling to find a better carbon block gravity cartridge than this, that’s a fact.


Included is 2 x cartridges, priming washer and instructions.


It flows at a much faster flow rate than the ceramic gravity candles, it has fantastic test results and creates contaminant free healthy tasty water.


If you are filtering rain water, it is great as it will stop all the bugs & bacteria in the water, whilst at the same time it protects you from any herbicides, pesticides or lead that may wash in from your roof. You will hear people say how lovely their rain water is, but rain water tastes even better once it has filtered through a good big block of carbon like this.


Then for treated city water, you have the same great protection from bugs & bacteria, it has super high removal rates for the common contaminants like chlorine & chlorine by-products, plus it will protect you from any herbicides & pesticides or heavy metals that may be in the water.


The Filteroo Difference

It is the quality of the carbon used to create the carbon block cartridge and the professional manner in which they are manufactured which has passed all the tests at such high removal rates that makes this cartridge so unique. As the water passes through this cartridge slowly, the contact time with the cartridge allows for such a wide range of contaminant removal. Manufactured for Filteroo® Australia who guarantee high-quality materials are always used. This single carbon block gravity cartridge is a highly efficient filter suitable to remove unwanted contaminants from any water supply. It is great for both rain water or chemically treated city water.


If you would like to remove Fluoride as well, you can simply attach the Filteroo® Max Fluoride removal cartridge onto the bottom thread of the carbon cartridge.


Product Specifications

  • The carbon cartridge is 200mm (8”) in height & 60mm in diameter.
  • The cartridge threaded stem that holds the cartridge into place is 12.5mm in diameter and 34mm in length
  • The cartridge threaded stem length with the washer on is 30mm
  • Weight is approximately 385g
  • Life Span: 2000 litres or 12 months whichever comes first

Test Results

The following values are for 1 cartridge. Values can be doubled if 2 carbon cartridge are being used. 

Contaminant RemovalPerformanceCapacity in Litres*
Chlorine 99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge2000L
Chloramine 99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge1700L
Lead pH6.5 @150ppb (NSF53)
99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge1500L
Bacteria 99.99%  for the life of the cartridge1500L
Cyst99% when new, >90% for the life of the cartridge2000L



Filteroo® 8” Rain & City Water Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter Cartridge

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