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Big Berkey

The Big Berkey Water Filter System is a powerful small family sized unit coming standard with 2 Black Berkey Elements and can be expanded up to 4 elements to supply a whooping 26.5 liters of purfied water per hour!


This is a truly versitile unit made from food grade stainless steel looks amazing and has an incredible ability to supply large volumes of purified water in a short time while removing viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and more while retaining the essential minerals.


Big Berkey Specifications:​

  • 8.5 Litre clean water storage capacity
  • 49cm High
  • 21.6cm Diameter
  • Made with high quality AISI 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Equivalent micron rating of 0.02 or better (Black Berkey Elements)


Berkey Water Purifiers are known for their powerful gravity fed systems. The included Black Berkey Elements are so effective they meet the purfication standard and their third party test results speak for themselves.


They real power of these units is their ability to filter out the bad but retain the minerals our bodies need.​


They are constructed of high quality polished stainless steel and provide the highest standards of water purification.



  • Filters up to 13 litres per hour with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements
  • Completely off-grid operation, no electricity or plumbing required
  • Lightweight & easy to move and transport.
  • Use it on the kitchen bench, take it camping fit it in you campervan.
  • One pair of Black Berkey Purification Elements will filter your water for years.


Black Berkey Purification Elements:

  • Remove bad odours and taste
  • Removes detergents and solvents
  • Removes viruses to greater than 99.999%
  • Removes parasites to greater than 99.999%
  • Exceeds Purification Standard (Log 4): MS2 Coliphage - Fr Coliphage
  • Exceeds Purification Standard (Log 6): Raoultella terrigena
  • TRIHALOMETHANES - Removed to >99.8% (Below Lab Detectable Limits): Bromodichloromethane - Bromoform - Chloroform - Dibromochloromethane
  • Removes inorganic minerals
  • Removes heavy metals including chromium, lead, arsenic and aluminium
  • Removes cloudiness, silt and sediment.
  • Removes hormones, pharmecuticals, petrol, alpha & beta radiologicals and uraniumRemoves herbicides and pesticides including Glycophosphates (ie Round-up)Removes PFOA & PFOS


For more information on Why to Choose Berkey Page.


Links to Test Results:

Black Berkey Heavy Metal

Chemical VOC Pharmaceutical

Petrol Removal Test Report

Black Berkey Virus Bacteria Removal Test Report

Black Berkey VOC Pesticide

THM HAA5 Removal Test Report

Black Berkey Lead Reduction Test Report

Black Berkey Uranium Radiological Removal Test Report

Black Berkey Heavy Metal MBAS Chlorine Turbidity Removal Test Report

Black Berkey Perfluorinated Chemical Removal Test Report

PF-2 Flourine Reduction test Except


Big Berkey 8.5L

GST Included
Out of Stock
  • This System can be expanded to used 4 Black Berkey Purfication Elements, delivering a whopping 26.5 Litres of water per hour!

    Great size for a medium family using two filters, saving the two addtional filters for replacement.


    Contact us for a great price for a stainless steal stand for accompany your Big Berkey

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