Slim Line In-Line Water Filter. 

Options to suit your bathroom

Plastic Chrome, White Plastic

These units are great if you don't have space to loose too much height with an in-line shower filter

They have all the Sprite Shower filter benefits packed into a smaller space.


  • The Slim-Line Brass has a jeweled metal finish for upscale baths
  • Low Profile Design
  • “Extend-A-Path”™ Baffle System
  • Showerhead Extension-Less than 1″
  • Slim-Line Filter Cartridge (Model SLC)
  • Available with matching Solid-Brass Adjustable Showerhead (Model A) or without
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 6 Months

The Sprite Showers Filters remove Chlorine and other harmful chemicals used in Water Treatment, in summer (when they often add more chlorine to the water supply to kill bugs) you often smell this the Chlorine in you showers steam.


These chemicals not only damage your hair by removing the natural oils that cover your hair but it can also cause skin dryness and irritation. The inhalations of these chemicals can also have adverse health effects over longer periods of time.


Replacment Filter Type= Slim 625

    Slim inline Shower Filter


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