Stainless Berkey Cleaning Kit contains replacement parts for;

  • Travel Berkey
  • Big Berkey
  • Royal Berkey
  • Imperial Berkey
  • Crown Berkey

which use the Black Berkey Purification Elements.


This Kit Includes:

  • 2x Black Berkey Purification Element Washers
  • 2x Wing Nuts to suit Black Berkey Purification Elements
  • 2x Poly Blocking Plugs to block unused element holes
  • 1x Replacement Spigot/Tap
  • 2x Washers to suit Spigot/Tap
  • 1x Nut to suit Spigot/Tap
  • 1x Knob for Lid
  • 1x ScotchBrite Cleaning Pad

Cleaning Kit & Replacement Parts

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$42.00Sale Price

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